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East Coast Mesh Pocket
 The best of the best mesh! Standard mesh just cannot compare to East Coast Mesh. Each Peice is handcoated in ECM's secret blend to provide optimum hold, no bagging and the ability no other mesh has.... WeatherProof!!! Regular mesh just bags out and throws bad when its wet, but water beads off of East Coast Mesh, which makes it throw perfect in all conditions.



Shooters- Roll and Standard- Any Combination You Prefer


Price  $ 30.00
King Pocket
 This is the King Pocket, the ultimate pocket built by, and for defensemen. Lots and lots of features a defender will want. Made of sidewall to replicate the throwing of hard mesh, while maintaning the forgiveness and hold of softmesh.
Price  $ 35.00
Pita Pocket

Ditch standard mesh to get the pita pocket. The pocket is strung around a ball creating alot of hold, forgivness and it always has a great channel because the outer leathers can be pulled down tightly




Price  $ 30.00
Classic Mesh
 High, Midlle, and Low pockets
Any Shooter Combination
Any Colors
Price  $ 20.00
AK Savo Pocket
Stand out with the AK Savo pocket. Created by the legendary stringer Bob Savage
Price  $ 25.00
Highwire Pocket
 The Highwire Pocket is one of legendary stringers Max McCool's creations. It is a relatively stiff two leather pocket, providing great hold and a smooth release. Show off your wand to your friends with this custom pocket

Price  $ 38.00
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