Mens Stringing
Goalie Stringing

 We use string theory to create the most consistent and deepest pocket possible on goalie sticks.
We offer stringing with 20, 12 (pictured), and 10 diamond mesh

10 Diamond mesh -The goalie equivalent of 5 Diamond Attack/Defense mesh, 10 Diamond Goalie mesh mirrors 5 Diamond's strengths and weaknesses. 10 Diamond offers the largest diamonds of any diamond goalie mesh. 10 Diamond Goalie mesh also offers exceptional hold, and is generally the easiest of the coated goalie mesh to break in. 10 Diamond is fairly durable, and holds its pocket well in wet and cold weather. Great for players of
beginner to intermediate skill level.

12 Diamond mesh- 
The goalie equivalent of 6 Diamond Attack/Defense Mesh, 12 Diamond Goalie mesh mirrors 6 Diamond's strengths and weaknesses. 12 Diamond offers the perfect balance between hold and passing ability. Its pocket is only moderately difficult to break in, and it will hold its pocket well through wet and cold weather. 12 Diamond is well suited for players of all ability levels and is the most commonly used goalie mesh

20 diamond mesh- Mirrors 10 diamonds strengths and weaknesses. Harder to break in than the larger diamond meshes and does not have as much hold, but will stay consistent and will not bag out for longer periods of time.

PriceĀ  $ 25.00
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